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Use PyBOTs' easy RPA solution to automate mundane tasks, free up human resources for creative projects, and tenfold your ROI. Automation is more than a necessity in today's environment; it is a fundamental right.


With My-AutoPylot, Automation is Easier than Ever.

  • Python-driven No Code/Low Code Platform
  • A drag-and-drop interface was made with Google's Blockly
  • Community Edition is free to use and modify (GitHub)
  • Light in weight (4 GB RAM with 1 GHz Processor)
  • An affordable pricing monthly subscription that will provide you a professional license
  • Growing BOT store with pre-built BOTs
  • Interactive Dashboard for keeping track of BOTs with detailed logs
  • Video tutorials on YouTube, Read the Docs (Documentation), and Friendly Community Forum (Discords, Google Groups, WhatsApp) to get started


Discover the repetitive, monotonous, and unproductive tasks that are slowing you down.


Build a software bot with My-Autopylot based on Blockly.


Test whether your software bot is working as expected.


Tweak your software bot to your liking. We offer a wide range of customization options.


Deploy your software bot to the cloud or locally.

Sit back and relax

Measure the performance of your software bot and see how it performs.

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